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One of SCP-173-KO's sculptures, it completely collapsed after six (6) days.
Item #: SCP-173-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-173-KO is located in a mountainous hill within the jurisdiction of Site 58. It is cordoned off from the outside with a three (3) metre tall barbed wire fence, and is to be disguised as a hiking accident-prone location to which people are prohibited from entering.

If there are any differences noted between the current state and the previous state of SCP-173-KO, they are to be reported immediately along with visual records. A designated researcher team is to inspect SCP-173-KO once every week to note said differences.

Description: SCP-173-KO is a small sculpture park located in the middle of a mountainous hill in ███████ of █████████ Province in the Republic of Korea. It contains approximately thirty (30) pieces of sculpted works of art. The number of sculptures changes constantly due to SCP-173-KO's anomalous properties; however, no more than fourty (40) sculptures have been sighted at any given point of time.

While most of the sculptures within SCP-173-KO are composed of non-anomalous bronze or granite, sculptures made from other materials also exist. Any attempt to film the creation of these sculptures has ended in failure, and video analysis has confirmed that all sculptures spontaneously appeared without showing any signs or processes of creation. While most sculpted works take the form of idle sculptures, a few can either be activated manually or will react automatically towards certain actions of a sightseer. As of current writing, there have been no instances in which these sculptures have affected or otherwise harmed a sightseer anomalously.

A large number of the sculptures seem to be reminders of cultural or artistic trends that were popular in the Republic of Korea. These types of sculptures generally seem to appear when such fads have almost died out, and a study is currently underway to determine the correlation between popular interest and the creation of the sculptures.

The sculptures generally last for one (1) week, with long-lasting ones lasting two (2) to three (3) weeks, gradually aging during this time period before suddenly breaking apart. Any attempt to preserve or restore the sculptures or fragments which ended in failure, with most of the work immediately being reverted, and in some cases causing additional damage to the sculpture.

SCP-173-KO was acquired by the Foundation in 20██/██/██, and a document has been found showing the correlation between SCP-173-KO and "Are We Cool Yet?". For details consult the attached Acquisition Log 173KO and Document 173KO-012.

Acquisition Log 173KO: SCP-173-KO first came into the Foundation's interest when the Foundation's Intelligence Agency acquired █ records (written in time intervals of approximately one (1) month) of a renowned amateur art reviewer about the sculpture park that stated the sculptures seem to be continuously changing. Investigation results showed that there were no sculptures renewed or introduced within the sculpture park, and as its property of sculptures vanishing and appearing became known it was acquired by the Foundation. The reviewer and the supervising personnel of the sculpture park were administered Class B amnesiacs. At the time of acquisition, Document 173KO-012 was found on the exhibition guide located in the middle of the entrance to the sculpture park.

Document 173KO-012:

"The Park" signifies that art is neither permanent nor long any more.
Even solid carved sculptures are soon forgotten from people's minds.
Are We Cool Yet?

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